Just because the Venice Film Festival has awardedBen Affleck with a Best Actor prize (for Hollywoodland), don't expect the Oscars to follow suit. He likely won't even be in the running for the equivalent Academy Award since Focus Features and Affleck himself are pushing for his nomination in the Supporting Actor category instead. The festivals rarely distinguish between lead and supporting roles; they simply honor the best actor in a contending film. Sometimes they may choose to honor whole ensembles when they can't decide on one specific performer. But with the Oscars, there's a line to be drawn, even if that line isn't always easy to make out.

Oscar campaigning is all about politics. Focus will push for Affleck in the less important race because they think he may have a better shot there. Anyone who says it's because he has less screen-time than co-star Adrian Brody is lying. If candidacy for one category or the other was based on a strict length or percentage of time on screen, some nominations, and wins, just wouldn't happen. This is why non-leads like Meryl Streep and Forest Whitaker are being campaigned for in the lead category, even though they aren't the most prominent characters in their respective films. The Academy might as well just call the awards "Best Star" and "Best Slummer or Rising Star" since this is what the studios apparently consider them to be.

Affleck could still be nominated for, maybe even win, the Oscar for Best Actor, because in the end, it's up to the voters which category a person is put into. There isn't much chance of the voters going against the For Your Consideration ads, but there may be a small one. Anyway, in my opinion, Affleck should never get an acting Oscar unless it's for this NSFWperformance. Since I just can't believe he could actually be so sleazy, he must have been doing some tremendous acting (of course, it is obviously too old to qualify for this year, but maybe they could play it in the clip reel when he gets his lifetime achievement statue).