Returning once again to the world of vampires, Joel Schumacher (who also brought us the very awesome 80s flick, The Lost Boys), has signed on to direct Town Creek for Gold Circle. Oh, but this isn't your average vampire movie -- it's got Nazis too! In fact, they're vampire Nazis. Okay, the only way I'll shell out ten bucks to see this is if the following dialgoue is featured:

GUY THAT'S ABOUT TO DIE: Check it out, they're Nazis!

OUR HERO: Oh no, my friend -- they're vampire Nazis! Look out, behind you!

Apparently, the story surrounds a West Virginia man who is forced to question his own morals upon rescuing his brother from the evil clutches of a vampire Nazi. See, this family kidnapped his brother in order to feed him to their pet vampire Nazi, which they keep locked up in the basement. Folks, I kid you not -- that's the plot description. Dave Kajganich (who also adapted the upcoming Nicole Kidman film, The Visiting) wrote the script.

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