So Goes the NationTwo more films that premiered in Toronto this week have acquired U.S. distribution: ...So Goes the Nation and, perhaps surprisingly, Death of a President. IFC bought the North American distribution rights to ...So Goes the Nation, a documentary about the American electoral process with a focus on Ohio during the 2004 Presidential campaign. IFC hopes to release the film before U.S. midterm elections this fall through its First Take arm, which simultaneously releases movies in theaters and on cable-on-demand channels.

Newmarket took a chance and grabbed the U.S. distribution rights to Death of a President (aka DOAP), one of the more controversial films screening at TIFF this year. The mock-documentary narrative portrays a future in which President George W. Bush is assassinated, and manipulates live-action footage to make the fictional events look plausible. It seemed highly doubtful that any U.S. distributor would be interested in the film, which was produced by Channel 4 in the UK. Newmarket is probably used to controversy, having distributed The Passion of the Christ. I'll be interested to see what kind of release the film will have, and how amenable theaters will be about showing the film.