I was going to stick this into next week's Eat My Shorts, but after watching the following short film, I simply had to write about it immediately. A good friend of mine was telling me about this hilarious Batman-themed short last night and, after going off on how cool it was, we were lucky enough to find it online.

Starring Sam Rockwell (Batman) and Justin Long (Robin), the film was directed by James Duffy and is called Robin's Big Date. Basically, Robin invites a girl (Callie Thorne) to a bar in an attempt to ask her out. However, Batman soon shows up and ruins the entire thing. I'm not sure how Duffy (whose only credit on IMDB is this film) managed to snag the top-notch talent but, seeing as the pic was shot in 2005, this was right before Long began starring in those Mac ads which, I assume, means he was a bit more accessible. As far as Rockwell goes, everyone I've spoken to says the guy is a cool dude, down for just about anything. Regardless, if you have a few minutes, I recommend you check it out.

[Thanks Aaron]