Following close on the heels of Monday's news about four new Neon Genesis Evangelionanime movies comes a more concrete and substantial report on the project, thanks to the ever-present Variety. The four new films will be released in a semi-staggered order, with the first film hitting Japanese theaters in July of next year, the second in January, and the third and fourth (as a double-bonus release) sometime in the summer of '08.

We're told the plan is for the first two movies to do some general re-telling and summarizing of the original 26 episodes, using an assortment of images from the series (with all-new backgrounds and soundtracks), while the final two (with their simultaneous release) will be all new material. The new material is apparently meant as something of a mea culpa and a make-up gift to fans who were dissatisfied with the (admittedly rather weak) "ending" the movies created back in 1997. Not surprisingly, all four plan to use far more 3D animation than their mid-nineties predecessors, but with much of the same creative team attached. So, yeah -- fans shouldn't worry too much about the franchise moving too far away from the original "feel."

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