If I were to thank any one franchise for clearly leading me to realize I was a member of the geek subculture, I would have to go with Star Wars. Although I was but an infant when the final film of the classic trilogy (Return of the Jedi, in case you are somehow unaware) hit theaters, The Trilogy was a profound and important part of my understanding of movie-dom as a whole. As a child, it marked the pinnacle of cinema -- a level to which all other films should aspire. It is significant to realize this was in the downtime between Star Wars generations. My parents belonged to the original SW generation, and by the time I was a pre-teen, most of my contemporaries (while certainly fully aware of Star Wars) didn't really share my passion for the films. By that point, it was another geek subculture like the Trekkies. Everyone had seen it, nearly everyone liked and respected it, but most people weren't reallyinto it.

But boy, when news of Episode One hit, the world became my oyster. Unaware that it would eventually turn into a mild disappointment, for a brief period in time I was reveling in the glory of Star Wars returning to cultural dominance. I actually went to see some movie in a theater (don't remember which), just to catch the Episode One trailer. And I did it wearing a t-shirt which read "Movie? What movie? I'm here for the Star Wars trailer." Yes, it was homemade. Yes, I was that guy. I later went to the mall with my best friend, purchased two extendable lightsaber toys (and some batteries to make them light up) and dueled through the mall, and then (after a run-in with a security guard) through the nearby Wal-Mart parking lot. It was dark by then, so the sabers were clearly illuminated. It was incredibly geeky. It was incredibly fanboy. I'm telling you, it was glory.

It is this mood in which the upcoming flick Fanboys sets out to capture; the mood of excitement, glory and ridiculously high expectations. Fanboys is the story of a handful of supremely dedicated Star Wars fans in 1998, on the eve of Episode One, who set out on a holy grail quest to Skywalker Ranch in a desperate bid to gain an early screening of the film for their friend who is dying of cancer. You can catch some brand-new exclusive photos of the film over at IESB to get a small taste of what to expect for this project. It certainly looks like a lot of fun.

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