Only three days, and 72 scant hours after I declared my faith in Heath Ledger -- went out on a, well, ledge, if you will, and said he would "own" the role of the Joker -- the guy turned around and stabbed a (metaphoric) dagger into my chest. In a recent interview with Dark Horizons, Ledger felt the need to pronounce his utter disdain for all things comic book. Yes, after taking a beating in geek circles everywhere for being cast as the Joker, Ledger decided to help his own cause by declaring: "I actually hate comic book movies, like f--ing hate them, they just bore me s--tless and they're just dumb. But I thought what Chris Nolan did with Batmanwas actually really good." Way to win over those fans, Heath. Maybe for an encore you can go dance on Jack Kirby's grave.

Look, Ledger, you can try all you want to pretend comic book movies are beneath a man such as yourself, but you aren't fooling me -- I saw you in Brothers Grimm.* I'm not going to recant on my decision; I still expect Ledger to be a fantastic Joker. And the guy is entitled to his opinions -- after all, industry journalists such as yours truly spend half our time running down actors, so turn about is certainly fair play. Nonetheless, I question the marketing savvy of insulting a huge portion of your audience when you're already facing an uphill battle to impress them.

Geeks and Heath Ledger; a beautiful relationship is born.

*Not a comic book movie, per se, but the point is clearly made.
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