Marvel Comics tends to walk a fine line between comic book continuity and movie continuity. Everyone realizes they aren't going to go all Sin Cityand do a frame for frame, word for word adaptation of their decades-old titles, but it's vitally important for the films to maintain a reasonably strong resemblance to their comic counterparts ... or else they'd have a geek riot on their hands. Every now and then it works in the opposite direction, with the movie storylines leaking into the pages of the comic books. In saying that, it appears Marvel is at it again:

  • After the events of Marvel's massive Civil War crossover, Peter Parker will toss his current costume (no, it isn't the red and blue one -- it's a Tony Stark build) in favor of the classic black (aka Venom) outfit. Amazingly, this costume just so happens to be a major feature in Spider-Man 3. However, Marvel insists this is only a tiny part (10%) of the decision to move the comic book Spidey into black. (Add to that a big old corporate wink.)
  • Marvel is also gearing up for the launch of a few new titles, most notably The Irredeemable Ant-Man. This comes after the announcement that Marvel will also back an Ant-Man movie. Coincidence? I think not.

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