Wild speculation aided by bits and pieces of fact have been flying around lately regarding one of science fiction's most popular duo, Kirk and Spock. At the end of last month, Erik told us about Leonard Nimoy (Spock) letting loose with some news suggesting he and William Shatner (Kirk) had been contacted by the Trekstudio regarding appearances in Star Trek XI. This, at least, vaguely substantiated the rumors which have been persistently popping up for the last several months. Granted, the film has already been through a thousand different incarnations in the past several years, but this one seems to be gathering some serious momentum as of late, so maybe we'll actually see it materialize.

At Chicago's 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention, Nimoy and Spock spent a good deal of time discussing all things Trek ... including a possible new movie. Several times in their speeches/discussions one of the duo would hint at new events on the horizon for Trekkies worldwide. Shatner confirmed he had spoken with producer J.J. Abrams just one day earlier, and is planning on meeting Abrams later this week. While never directly reffering to his own involvement with the franchise's next film, TrekMovieReport tells us Shatner "heavily connoted" a reprise of he and Nimoy's classic roles.

In an additional and highly amusing (or possibly very sad, depending on your views) sideline, Shatner came to the defense of an intense Trekkie. A girl in the audience asked Shatner for his help in convincing her sister she was too addicted to the franchise. The sister was present -- in a Q costume, no less -- and Shatner congratulated her on her dedication, rather than rebuking her. I'm no Trekkie, but that had to be an awesome moment for the girl. I figure it'd be like having Stan Lee personally thanking me for being a True Believer.
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