Here is an interesting bit of news from the Eragon camp: Lead actor Ed Speleers recently sat down to talk with Sci Fi Wire, and he told the site (among other things) that production on Eragon almost never happened. If Speleers is to be believed -- and I see no reason why he shouldn't be -- the film was nearly canned before it ever got off the ground. As it turns out, the decision makers on the film simply could not find a lead which satisfied them and were thus ready to nix the entire deal until Speleers came along. Said Speleers: "heard about that well into the production, and I'm glad I didn't hear about it right away."

The really intriguing item about this, however, is the simple fact 18-year-old Ed Speleers has never acted in a film prior to being deemed the savior of Eragon; his only acting experience came from high school plays. Yours truly loves it when studios pass over big names in favor of a newcomer. It's a risk, but if it pays off, hey, you've discovered a star and made a ton of money at the the same time. Beat that.
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