One of the most talked-about films in this year's Midnight Madness lineup at the Toronto Film Festival has been Jonathon Levine's All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. The film is about Mandy Lane, a shy, beautiful girl who makes all the guys swoon in the throes of adolescent lust. When Mandy accepts an invitation for an unsupervised weekend with a group of kids at a house in the country, she has to fend off the boys advances as they strive to be the first to finally conquer her. Then a secret admirer starts taking out the competition, and declaring undying love with the blood of the unfortunate dead guys. James Rocchi headed out to the line of eager horror fans waiting to get into the premiere screening of the film, and Alexia Prichard was there with her camera to capture the magic just for you. You can download the video here, or, if you prefer, watch it right here on YouTube.


Host: James Rocchi
Video: Alexia Prichard
Music: Snowden Anti-Anti, Jade Tree
Intro Music: Pl@stic

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