Not only do movie pirates ruin things for the studios and the cinemas, but now they're hurting the innocent citizens with no connection to the business, too. Thanks to such heavy piracy in all of Asia, there will be no iTunes movie store for billions of people living in that part of the world. Apple, who just announced their new movie downloads Tuesday, has said their new services are not available in Asia, and there's a good chance it will not be available anytime soon, if ever. Currently the music-only iTunes software has versions in Japan and Australia, but it isn't clear whether they will be given access to the new movies.

It's important to remember that before Apple introduced iTunes to the U.S., we had a huge problem with illegal music downloading, which, subsequently, was curbed significantly after its arrival. So, for Apple (or could it be the MPAA?) to deny nations with rampant piracy a service that may actually be beneficial to them and their anti-piracy campaigns is pretty stupid.

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