Say what you want about Mel Gibson and his recent run in with the law, the Jews and the bottle, but the dude definitely knows how to paint a pretty picture up on the big screen. Visually, the guy is a genius -- I mean, Braveheart will forever rank high up on my "fun flicks to watch when you feel like kicking the crap out of someone, but can't" list. Same goes for The Passion of the Christ, though, being Jewish, I wouldn't consider myself a member of the Jesus fan club, however Gibson certainly knows how to garner a reaction from an audience through the power of the moving image.

Case in point: The first theatrical trailer for Gibson's upcoming Apocalypto is now available online and, let me tell you -- the thing looks pretty fricking sweet. Set during the downfall of the Mayan Empire, the story revolves around one man's decision to flee his home after he's chosen to become a human sacrifice. While the pic probably won't do a ton of business for Disney (partly due to the whole drunk-driving episode, and also because the film's characters speak in an ancient Mayan dialect), I've decided to check it out based solely on the beautiful, yet awe-inspiring images included in this trailer. Apocalypto's release date was recently moved to December 8 (a day Disney insists will stick), and so we'll soon find out what the world really thinks of Mel. Will you shell out ten bucks for this?