It seems like everyone's in Toronto this week (including Cinematical). Man, I feel so left out. However, since I couldn't possibly make a dent in all the Web coverage of the festival from news sites and blogs, here are a few blogs with some interesting reviews and opinions regarding TIFF:
  • First and foremost, check out the Toronto Doc Blog if you haven't already. Filmmakers with docs at the festival are blogging about their experiences.
  • John DeFore is posting colorful anecdotes about TIFF at Austin Movie Blog. He's bemused by the security measures at even the most obscure festival offerings and wonders if this isn't the wrong approach to take when publicizing an obscure film.
  • Twitch is covering TIFF like crazy, cranking out reviews and interviews faster than you can say, well, twitch.
  • Moviepie caught five movies at TIFF on Tuesday (yes, that's one person), and is reporting on 2-3 movies on other festival days.
  • If you want still want to read more about TIFF, GreenCine Daily not only has daily dispatches, but also entries chock-full of links to festival coverage.