Normally the big studios would let the MPAA deal with international pirates, and the MPAA would work with individual governments on the arrests and punishments of these criminals. But in a rare case, the five majors are investing in an actual trial in order to sue a Chinese bootlegger. The difference this time is that the pirate in question is not an individual or part of an illegal group, but a company. The Beijing Shiji Haihong Commerce and Trade Company, to be exact.

The studios are seeking 2.5 million yuan ($312,000) in damages for the company's copying and distributing of titles including The 40-Year Old Virginand The War of the Worldsto their subsidiary video stores. The amount may seem pretty small considering the trouble that Hollywood will encounter while following through with the suit, but I guess, to the studios, money is money, and the message that it sends to other Asian companies should be significant, too.

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