It's not often that Variety reports on the production of a short film, but since we're talking Julia Stiles* here, I suppose that means it's important. According to the trade pub, Stiles will write and direct a short called Raving, based on a story featured in Elle magazine's Personal Style issue, due out in October.

The actual story (titled The Dress That Changed My Life) focuses on "the connection between a young woman and a lonely, disassociated older man after a chance encounter on a New York street corner." I assume this young woman will be wearing a special dress that, subsequently, winds up changing her life. Stiles was able to nab Zooey Deschanel and Bill Irwin to play the lead characters in the pic, which is sponsored by Elle and will be produced by Plum Pictures. Currently, there's no word on where we'll be able to catch the short, though I expect Elle will make it available on their website once everything is all wrapped up in a neat little bow.

*Am I the only one who thinks Julia Stiles and Erika Christensen are long-lost sisters?

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