Marvel Comics has been making grand plans for their $700 million war chest, and news of new Marvel properties headed to the silver screen continues to grow. When rumors started becoming fact about movies such as Iron Man, Captain America, Ant-Man, Thor, a revamp of The Incredible Hulk, and possibly even a Black Panthermovie, everyone familiar with the comics world said "hey, somebody is gearing up for a big ol' Avengers movie." And surprise, surprise, when Marvel announced their future slate, The Avengers was included in the plans.

In a brief presentation to Wall Street analysts, Marvel confirmed their crossover plans. Essentially, what Marvel said boiled down to releasing several individual movies first to establish firm characters (and presumably get intro stories out of the way for everyone) and create familiarity with the non-Marvel crowd, and then following up with a big Avengers movie. All of the above mentioned heroes were Avengers at one point -- many of them originals. This sounds like a great way for Marvel to utilize one of their final tent-pole properties. What do you think?
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