If you've ever watched Survivor or The Apprentice, then you're most likely familiar with the name Mark Burnett. The man behind some of televisions more successful reality shows has now decided to take a chance on the big screen, snagging the rights to the children's fantasy book series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.

This isn't the first time Burnett has dabbled in the film world; two years ago he optioned the rights to a pair of Da Vinci Code-esque books, as well as hinted at a few other "secret" projects he has lined up. Regarding Flamel, the first book in the series (dubbed The Alchemyst) will be published by Random House in May, with the second being written now. According to Burnett, he feels the books "have the scope of Lord of the Rings and the charm and intrigue of Harry Potter." Sounds sweet, but of course he's going to mention two blockbuster franchises when hyping this deal -- I mean, who wouldn't?

As is the theme with these kinds of books, the story revolves around a pair of teenage twins who find themselves caught up in a fight between good and evil, fighting monsters and traveling here, there and everywhere in order to solve clues and, I imagine, save the world -- all while following the teachings of the immortal, 600-year-old Flamel. Within the next few weeks, Burnett plans to pitch the series to potential studios, so I guess we'll see how strong its legs really are.

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