Yes, Tony Goldwyn and Paul Haggis's The Last Kiss is about the 4000th remake of the past few years (listed just after The Lake House and Last Holiday, and just before The Longest Yard), but this one actually has a little something to say about the trend. Most remakes are based on the idea that juveniles buy the most tickets; since they're young, they theoretically don't know anything about older (or foreign) movies and hence we can sell them the same stories over and over again. The irony is that there are a bunch of grown men sitting in Hollywood boardrooms, paid to think like juveniles.

But The Last Kiss actually takes on juvenility as a subject. 31 year-old Zach Braff plays a character about his own age, an architect named Michael. Michael has dated Jenna (Jacinda Barrett) for years, and now she's pregnant, though they've never bothered to get married. Michael informs us that, although his life has gone as planned and he has no complaints, he has begun to feel trapped, as if there was no more excitement waiting for him.

Michael's lifelong pals are in much of the same boat. Chris (Casey Affleck) is married with a baby (that never seems to stop screaming). His wife Lisa (Lauren Lee Smith) never stops screaming at him, and he has taken to locking himself in the bathroom, desperately groping for a second's worth of peace and understanding. Izzy (Michael Weston) has just been dumped by his longtime girlfriend and can't quite come to terms with it. And, stud-muffin Kenny (Eric Christian Olsen) has just realized that his life of tending bar and sleeping with hot women isn't all it's cracked up to be.