Though his most recent work as a writer found him churning out the commercial blockbusters Superman Returns and X-Men 2, Mike Dougherty loves his horror. Having also penned the script for Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, as well as helmed a Halloween-themed short called Season's Greetings, Dougherty (who, according to IMDb, is currently attached to five different pics as writer), will make his feature directorial debut with a film called Trick or Treat, set to begin production this November in Vancouver.

According to Production Weekly, the story (which was also written by Dougherty) "interweaves four tales of chaos and malevolence" and -- get this -- is being described as Pulp Fiction set on Halloween night. Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge horror buff, but this approach to the genre certainly sounds interesting. Dougherty definitely knows how to write and, if they can get a decent cast attached, we could be looking at a whole new kind of scary -- one that might actually get my wimpy ass into the theater. Stay tuned to Cinematical for more updates as they're made available.

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