A few more buys have been announced from the Toronto International Film Festival:

  • Away From Her, which marks the directorial debut of actress Sarah Polley, with a supposedly brilliant (and "Oscar-worthy") performance by Julie Christie, has been picked up by Lionsgate for U.S. distribution. The deal was a surprise to many in the industry who associate the studio's recent interests to be more genre-based (like cheap exploitive horror) films. The film has Christie as a sufferer of Alzheimer's, and is based on Alice Munro's short story The Bear Came Over the Mountain. Lionsgate will be pushing the film for Oscar contention, but not until the 2008 awards, since they aim for a Spring 2007 release.
  • Netflix has picked up the documentaryThe Prisoner, or: How I Tried to Kill Tony Blair. How does Netflix make distribution deals you ask? Well, through their Red Envelope label, they have been partnering with different theatrical distributors, including IFC, on releasing films like Sherrybaby and This Film is Not Yet Rated. Netflix is said to be looking for a permanent partner, but none have been named for this acquisition. The film, which focuses on a detained Iraqi journalist, is currently under 60-minutes in length, but the filmmakers will be adding more footage before its release.