The granddaddy of all movie soundtracks is headed your way soon. We all know Lord of the Ringsmerchandise sells like hotcakes (an expression I'll admit to never fully understanding), and the entire trilogy received praise (and awards) for the musical scoring. Thus, it would seem only natural for the Grammy award-winning score of the second, Two Towers, to get a bang-up cd release. And we can't have just any old release -- not for a movie trilogy with such fancy looking, jam-packed DVD sets. After all, we can't have the movie outclassing the soundtrack, now can we?

Headed your way November 7th is the "complete recordings" of The Two Towers in a "deluxe four disc edition." The first three discs will have over 180 glorious minutes of soundtrack, while the fourth will be a DVD Audio of the scoring in full 5.1 surround sound. Other features will include "exclusive new artwork, packaging, extensive liner notes written by Doug Adams, and Gollum's Song performed by Emiliana Torrini." This is the second of the three soundtracks to get the full treatment; you can read Warner Music Group's full announcement here for the complete lowdown.

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