Did the title manage to invoke an earworm from The Lion King in your head? Sorry about that. But it seems like this is a record week for celebrity milestone events: birth, death, birth and death at the same time, divorce, and even strange addictions. Here are some of the highlights from this week's film-related celebrity gossip. I made sure all the celebrities mentioned had something to do with film, and noted their big movie achievements when it seemed doubtful.
  • Birth: Britney Spears (Crossroads) had another baby, a boy with nearly the same birthday as his brother. In an unbelievably tragic event, Anna Nicole Smith (The Hudsucker Proxy) had a baby daughter and lost her son at nearly the same time.
  • Divorce: Whitney Houston (The Bodyguard) announced that she's filed for divorce from Bobby Brown (Ghostbusters II) after 14 years of marriage. I'm a little slow on the gossip uptake sometimes but even I knew that the couple had a somewhat turbulent relationship.