If you asked me to rank my all-time favorite cartoons in order of enjoyment, sitting at the very top of the list, unchallenged (and with a good deal of distance between it and number two), would be Rocky and Bullwinkle. I recall watching reruns of the show when I was a child, and although I belonged to a completely different generation from the original target audience and thus missed the point of nearly half the jokes on the show, I absolutely adored it. If you further asked me to list my favorite characters of the show outside of the title duo, at the top of that list would sit Mr. Peabody and Sherman, followed closely by Dudley Do-Right.

They made a Rocky and Bullwinkle live action movie. I saw it on opening day, if memory serves. And while parts of the humor held up -- there were certainly some Rocky and Bullwinkle-level bad puns -- the flick was a disappointment overall. They made a Dudley Do-Right live action movie. Again, I enjoyed moments of it when it seemed to capture the essence of the cartoon, but overall it just couldn't find the magic. And now, they will try with Peabody and Sherman. The big difference this time around is no live action; instead we're going straight to CGI. I don't really have particularly strong hope for the Rob Minkoff directed film, but who knows, maybe we'll get lucky this time.
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