Blue Vinyl (2002)

This week's local film festival is Cinematexas, which focuses on short, experimental films. Celebrating its eleventh year, the festival hired its first-ever guest artistic director, Ed Halter. The Austin Chronicle recently ran a great interview with Halter about his work with Cinematexas; the festival runs from Wednesday through Sunday.

If you're not drawn to short films, Austin has other moviegoing options:
  • The AFS@ Dobie collaboration is back, in which indie/foreign films that missed Austin finally get a regular week-long run. This week's selection is the 2005 surrealist Czech feature Lunacy, which opens today at Dobie.
  • It may be the only theater in the country still showing the unpublicized Mike Judge film, but Alamo on South Lamar is keeping Idiocracy around for one more week, with regular showings every day until Thursday.
  • Alamo Downtown is showing the documentary Tales of the Rat Fink throughout the week: It'll screen Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The film, which focuses on the life and work of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, premiered earlier this year at SXSW.
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