For the third part to his Yatra trilogy, which focuses on lost Buddhist traditions of Southeast Asia, John Bush made a pilgrimage into Tibet, bringing with him his video camera and a desire to show an exclusive look at the region's culture on its way out of existence. He traveled throughout the occupied land, visiting temples and festivals, as though he were simply a tourist, but he was able to capture and expose what has been done and what is being done to the area, as no documentary has done before.

Tragically, the end result is in the form of Vajra Sky Over Tibet, a disappointing film that is one part travelogue and one part disorganized montage. It suffers from being too personally involved and also from being impersonal in tone and structure. According to the filmmaker it would suggest a movement to save Tibet, acknowledging that the popular movement to free it has passed, but it is unsuccessful at communicating anything progressive. There is a relative hopelessness about it, and it unfortunately does a bit of disservice to the land and its people.