A tipster to Ain't it Cool claims to have insider knowledge on the costume work for the Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. His credentials, as are those of most tipsters, are shady and unverified, so just keep that in mind while you read, got it? The tipster tells us the character of Silver Surfer will not be as purely CGI as everyone has expected thus far. Instead, he says, the Surfer will be wearing a silver, full body suit and a headpiece with a "fixed, contemplative" expression. Limited facial movement will be supplied by Doug Jones, the man inside the suit. As the tipster himself suggests, this would be a very odd decision, as CGI and motion capture have developed into very strong techniques these days.

While I certainly expected a motion capture scheme (and truth be told, still do expect such), I really am not particularly concerned. I have complete fanboy faith in the ability of Doug Jones to pull off the part in whatever means they provide to him.
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