If you've been reading Cinematical for any length of time, you probably know I'm an unabashed Doug Jones fan. Part of this dedication comes from his performance as Abe Sapien in Hellboy; he did a fantastic job bringing a rather odd character to life. Like many fans, I always felt bad for the guy because he didn't get his voice in the film. I understand director Guillermo Del Toro had David Hyde Pierce in mind from the beginning, and that worked out just fine, but since then Doug Jones has signed on to do the voice for Abe Sapien in animated Hellboy action.*

Recent news from creator Mike Mignola, however, suggests this issue may be remedied for the second Hellboy go-round. The exact quote, in fact, is "I believe Doug is going to do the voice in Hellboy 2," which is about as direct as you can get. Mignola also said he'd be fine with a smaller budget on the second flick, although Del Toro still wants to do a big budget blowout. Whichever way they go (most likely dictated by the studio), I eagerly anticipate the flick, and I'm sure they'll do an excellent job on it.

*Creating the rather humorous circumstance of being a body but not a voice in one instance, and a voice but not a body in the other.
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