I'm going to try and keep my own personal opinions out of the first paragraph as I report the following: Apparently, there were a whole bunch of fainting people in attendance at the TIFF Trapped Ashes screening. According to Fangoria, two audience members and a Toronto FF volunteer were so overwhelmed by the shock of Trapped Ashes that they simply collapsed. Paramedics showed up and made sure everyone was still breathing.

Now, I saw the flick in a fairly packed "press and industry" screening, and I certainly didn't see anyone fainting in that auditorium. Sleeping, maybe. Derisive chuckles, intermittently. Walk-outs, definitely. But no fainting. (Trapped Ashes is a four-story anthology that's about as shocking as a Tales from the Darkside marathon.) A Google News search yields nothing in the field of "trapped ashes fainting," but screenwriter/producer Dennis Bartok swears this isn't a marketing ploy: "I almost wish I'd thought this up as a publicity stunt, but it wasn't me or any of the other producers behind it." (Maybe it was one of the directors; Trapped Ashes has five of 'em.)

The good news is this: If and when you get to see Trapped Ashes, it will almost definitely be within the confines of your own living room, so you won't have to worry about embarrassing yourself as you faint all over the multiplex.