Over at the SuperheroHype message boards, new Hulk director Louis Leterrier stopped by to answer a handful of questions from eager Marvel fanboys. In between the "I don't knows" and the "it is too early to tells" were a collection of interesting details. Watch out, here come the bullet points!

  • Jason Statham (who appeared in other Louis Leterrier flicks) will play the part of Betty Ross.*
  • Leterrier is not concerned about a possibly small-ish (if you consider $180 million small) budget, because he made most of his early flicks for around 20 million or less. To him, $180 million is a fortune, and he promises every penny will be on screen.
  • Eric Bana is not officially out of consideration for the lead role.
  • Neither is Lou Ferrigno, at least as far as voice work is concerned.
  • Leterrier thinks he can top the action from the first flick.
  • He also considers himself "a maggot" compared to Ang Lee, and will not try to imitate his style in any way because it would be "an enormous failure."
  • Leterrier will surround himself with the very best fight coordinators for this flick.
  • Zak Penn's screenplay is phenomenal. If this is true and not hyperbole, it is very good news, as Penn is apparently the next best thing to God in Marvel's eyes. The Dude is writing a ton for them.
  • No release date/schedule is in place yet.
*It should be pointed out this was an attempt at humor on Leterrier's part, just in case someone didn't pick up on it.

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