Clerks 2 didn't seem to stay in theaters very long, but the film has made $24,041,057 domestically. For a production whose cost was in the neighborhood of $5 million, that seems like a respectable return on investment. Financially speaking, this keeps things within the parameters of Writer/Director Kevin Smith's prediction from his blog: "The flick should manage to get to $20 - $25mil theatrically, and eke out a minor theatrical profit, leaving all the DVD loot as total windfall."

Speaking as a fan of Smith's work, I would also say the film was a thematic success, bringing the films of the View Askewniverse to a more satisfying conclusion than had been achieved with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Clerks 2is a hilariously foul-mouthed return to the character's introduced in Smith's 1994 debut feature Clerks, and -- unlikely as it may seem -- Dante, Randal, Jay , and Silent Bob all grow as human beings.

Smith has a habit of bringing his movies to DVD with more than their share of bells and whistles, and it appears Clerks 2 will continue that tradition when it arrives on November 28. There will be separate fullscreen and widescreen versions, each coming as part of a two-disk set and featuring:
  • An audio commentary with the filmmakers and actors
  • Deleted scenes and outtakes
  • An extended version of 'The Donkey Show' (yes the scene that when discussed onscreen sent Good Morning America's Joel Siegel fleeing the theater in disgust, yet left me laughing till my spleen came out my nose)
  • "Back to the Well: Making Clerks II" ninety-minute behind the scenes documentary
  • "Train Wrecks" Production video Diary (presumably the same Video Diary material that was posted to the Clerks 2 website)
  • "The Dance Sequence" featurette
  • The complete fan credits list and trailers.