The rumor mongering regarding the next Star Trek has been fast and furious for quite some time now. Back in June, word surfaced that Matt Damon was being considered for the role of a young Captain Kirk -- the part originated by William Shatner -- piggybacking on the popular rumor suggesting the new flick feature a young Kirk and Spock in Starfleet Academy. At a press junket in New York, IESB flagged Damon down and questioned him about the summer rumor. Damon denied everything, saying he'd heard nothing about the part. His publicist jumped in to explain what had happened: According to the publicist, director Abrams had mentioned Damon's name during a Q&A as a response to a generic "what actors would you like the chance to work with some day" sort of question, and the rumor grew from there. To drive the point home, the publicist noted that not only has Damon heard nothing, Paramount has heard nothing, the publicist has heard nothing, and Endeavor (Damon's agency) has heard nothing. This covers the field rather well, so I suppose we can officially take Damon's name out of the rumor mill, at least for now.
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