Back on Thursday, Erik told you about a new Wonder Woman casting rumor focusing around Rachel Bilson, and warned you to take it with a "huge grain of shady salt." As per standard, Erik was right on the money, and the crazy rumor has already been debunked by none other than Rachel Bilson herself. When asked about the rumor by IESB, Bilson was "genuinely shocked," and said it was the first she'd ever heard of any such rumors. As a followup, they placed a call in to a "studio insider" and were told Bilson was both "slightly too old" and "slightly too short" for the parameters of director Joss Whedon.

If the "studio insider" is correct, this puts several of the previous rumors (and some fan favorites) out of the running. Bilson is only 25 years old, and if 25 is "slightly too old," this would be particularly bad news for older candidates championed by the fans -- Charisma Carpenter comes to mind, for one, as she has a good ten years on Bilson. What do you think, fans? Is this early twenties age limit a wise decision, or does it just artificially exclude some great actresses?
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