About half ofBeer League takes place in small, confined spaces like bar corners, bedrooms and diner booths. The other half takes place on a softball diamond. The weird thing about this is that there's absolutely no attempt at laughs during the softball scenes. Man hits ball. Cut to ball being chipped to third base. Cut to man running to the bag. This happens over and over, sans-hijinks, as if the audience cares about the stakes in a slow-pitch softball tournament. It becomes obvious that first-time director Frank Sebastiano, a former Saturday Night Live writer, didn't have the foggiest notion of how to do anything with a camera except maybe rent it, so he simply conceded that the softball half of his movie would be comedy-free. Not that the other half is exactly comedy, either. It's more of a hit-and-miss attempt at expanding the brand of 'Jersey lowlife' shtick beyond what's already been mined by Kevin Smith movies and The Sopranos. So in other words, if you live within a three-mile radius of my apartment, you're in the Beer League demographic.