In my entire one year tenure with Cinematical, I've probably written a grand total of a dozen posts about anime related titles. This always struck me as odd, because comic book properties have been the hottest things on the movie market in the past few years, and anime represents a largely untapped comic book market (untapped in America, that is) just ripe for the movie pickings. However, all that has changed in the past week, as I've written an anime-related post nearly every day. Today's anime news is an update on a story we alerted you to way back in May of this year: Blood: The Last Vampire. In a recent interview with Ain't it Cool, Ronny Yu dropped a few details on his plans for the popular anime/manga title, and the details are as follows:

  • Yu is still very interested in the title. In fact, he plans on making it his next major project.
  • Shooting could start as early as late October/early November.
  • He wants to "reinvent" the vampire genre (who doesn't?) To do this, he plans to move away from "greys and blues" to a full "multimedia" color approach.
  • The setting will be moved from 1960 to 1948 Tokyo. You know, just after the bombing. A very interesting scheme, in my book.

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