Sandie once again, bringing you the final update about the Toronto Film Festival. I'm actually back home in the U.S., happy to be done saying "washroom" and "the States." But before I left our fair neighbor up north, I saw two more movies on Saturday, bringing my total over six days to 21. Although I didn't screen the 40-plus films that a few critics I met saw, I noticed several similar themes and even scenes among this year's crop of festival picks. My hands-down favorite duplicate scene is the fully clothed man entering the bathtub to join his lover. I told Kevin about my discovery over dinner Friday night, so it was hilarious to both of us when 15 minutes into the excellent Danish drama 'After the Wedding,' a dressed husband entered his master bath to talk to his bathing wife. "Will he or won't he?" I thought. When the splashy moment inevitably occurred, I actually clapped. And then yesterday, during the junkie romance 'Candy,' my final film at the festival, Heath Ledger did it too -- albeit in a decidedly unsexy way. That being man-in-bath scene No. 5, I've compiled the following Toronto Index to recap the festival:

  • Days watching back-to-back screenings: 6
  • Total number of films screened: 21
  • Tubs of popcorn consumed: 2
  • Meals consisting solely of theater concessions: 12
  • Films featuring completely dressed men jumping in the tub: 5
  • Dramas featuring scenes of graphic torture: 4 (at least)
  • Grieving husbands and wives dealing with the death of a spouse: 4
  • Wounded men self-extracting bullets: 4
  • Films starring Scottish rising star James McAvoy: 3

    Little Children

  • Sex scenes featuring a nude Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson: 5
  • Uses of the Tim Buckley ballad 'Song to the Siren': 3
  • Films featuring the stars of the upcoming James Bond movie 'Casino Royale': 2
  • Movies about heroin addicts and the people who love them: 2
  • Films about world-famous musicians who died tragically: 2
  • A-list stars who can't obey Toronto's non-smoking laws: 1
  • Actors making their directorial debuts: 2
  • Movies chronicling a homosexual Palestinian-Israeli relationship: 1
  • Full-frontal shots in Paul Verhoeven's WWII drama 'Black Book': 4
  • Number of critics overheard saying 'All the King's Men' is the festival's biggest disappointment: 5
  • Times MoviefoneKevin missed a screening of 'DOAP': 2
  • Winner of the 2006 fest's international critics' prize: 'Death of a President'

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