To say that director James Wan "hit the lottery" with his debut flick would be a huge neon understatement. Mr. Wan's little Saw movie has yielded a certifiable cash cow for the lucky folks at Lionsgate Films -- so what's next for this young filmmaker? (And by "next," I mean "something other than a producer's credit on Saw 9.) Well, we're still waiting on word regarding the guy's Dead Silence, which I'm pretty sure is, like, completely finished and ready for consumption -- and now comes word that Wan's third feature is a revenge thriller called Death Sentence.

In this one, Kevin Bacon will play a guy who wreaks horrifically creative revenge on the scumbag punks who murdered his family. Former 5th Wheel / Talk Soup hottie Aisha Tyler will play a cop who goes along for the ride. So ... Death Sentence is basically The Crow meets Death Wish meets every revenge thriller ever made? Only time will tell. The project is based on a novel by Brian Garfield, a book in which Aisha Tyler's character is actually a middle-aged man.

Smart rewrite there, fellas.
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