In what some are labeling his most commercial film as a director, Universal has tapped George Clooney to helm and star in Leatherheads, a pic that's lingered around the halls at Universal for nearly 10 years. Not to be confused with Leatherface (that's right, thankfully Clooney will not be taking on another Texas Chain Saw sequel), Leatherheads is said to be "a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of pro football's formation in the 1920s." The always (reliable? delightful? annoying?) Renee Zellweger is currently in negotiations to co-star alongside Clooney.

Over the years, pic has passed through more hands than a joint at last year's Burning Man. At one point, Leatherheads was a drama written by Jon Favreau, which had Jonathan Mostow onboard to direct. Before that, Clooney was once again involved, as he and producing partner (at the time) Steven Soderbergh were looking to make Leatherheads their follow-up to Out of Sight. Since then, Clooney has come into his own as a director and apparently decided to take on the flick himself. Hopefully Leatherheads will feel like a breath of fresh air, what with the barrage of contemporary football films that have landed in theaters within the past few years. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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