From the ever-vigilant folks over at Batman-on-Film comes a new casting rumor for Chris Nolan's upcoming sequel. BOF of course points out this news is only the "inside scuttlebutt" they've been hearing, and is not a verifiable fact in any way, so keep that under consideration as you read. Liev Schreiber has long been the frontrunner for the role of Harvey Dent (the man who would be Two-Face), and although he has been challenged in many rumors, his name continued to stick around while the others faded into the background. The newest rumor regarding the role reports Schreiber is out of the running and Guy Pearce (who worked with Nolan on Memento) is now the new favorite. Pearce has been tossed about before in connection to the role, but his name has apparently reached a new surge in "insider" popularity, bringing him back into the limelight. BOF also notes to expect more "official" casting news sometime in mid-October, during and around the release of Nolan's current film, The Prestige.

So what do you think, Bat-fans? I still like the Schreiber angle myself, but Guy Pearce wouldn't be a bad trade in my book.
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