After three of his books (American Psycho, Less than Zero and The Rules of Attraction) were adapted for the big screen, Senator Entertainment is sending another Bret Easton Ellis tale our way. This time, it's The Informers, a collection of loosely-connected short stories which was originally published back in 1995.

Coming onboard to direct is Nicholas Jarecki, who also co-wrote the script with Ellis (which marks the author's first attempt at adapting his own work). Though I've read Less than Zero and The Rules of Attraction, I haven't yet had a chance to check out The Informers. However, Variety says the book "captures a week in L.A. in 1983, featuring movie execs, rock stars, a vampire and other morally challenged characters in adventures laced with sex, drugs and violence." Wow, that's almost a word-for-word description of my morning. Go figure. Pic will begin its production in early 2007.

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