Nearly every day there is a story circulating the web about an actor or actress being "talked about" or "in discussions" or "offered" a role in a film that itself is not even a sure thing. Today's has to do with Scarlett Johansson, as she's considered to be "in the lead" to play Natascha Kampusch, an 18-year-old Austrian girl who last month escaped her kidnapper after 8 years of imprisonment. The main source is UK's Digital Spy (I got it via Hollywood Wiretap who got it via Dark Horizons, to show you how these stories get passed along) who say that despite no studio claiming the story, "movie bosses" are favoring Johansson for the role because she has the same hair and eye color (it has nothing to do with their fantasy of tying Johansson up in a basement).

Honestly, I don't see her in the role. For one thing, there isn't much likelihood in the story making its way onto the big screen, as it is obviously made-for-TV material. For another thing, Johansson just isn't ready for the suffering dramatic role of this sort. Unless a great script was written and a great director became interested, Johansson could be interested as the role might have Oscar potential, but I highly doubt that combination of events is possible here.

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