The proposed remake of the classic thriller 3:10 to Yuma has bounced from certainty to limbo, and recently, the odds of it actually being made were looking rather shaky. Back in February, James Mangold (Walk the Line) announced he would direct (and improve, in his opinion) the remake for Sony/Columbia. However, Sony dumped the production in June even though Russell Crowe was attached.

Now Lionsgate has picked up the remake for distribution, although at nearly $80 million, the budget is a little higher than Lionsgate's usual fare (the Saw series). However, It's a risk the studio is willing to take. The new cast includes not only Crowe in the role that the late Glenn Ford originally made famous, but Christian Bale (in the Van Heflin role) and an actor whom Serenity/Firefly fans might recognize, Alan Tudyk. No word yet on how much Mangold has "improved" the script from the 1957 film, which is based on an Elmore Leonard story. Shooting is expected to start in October.
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