In the spirit of films like Bruce Almightyand Oh God, You Devil, where God and Satan are presented in the form of a human man, New Line has preemptively snatched up David Hubbard's original script, God, the Devil and Lucy, for mid to high-six figures.

The high-concept comedic story revolves around God and Satan who, tired of battling one another for human souls, decide to end the fight once and for all by traveling to earth in the form of a human and competing for the love of one woman. However, the two will have to do so without any powers, yet come equipped with all those fantastic human emotions like love, hurt and rejection. Whoever gets the gal to say "I love you" first, wins. Sounds fun enough, though I suppose the entire thing comes down to who they cast as God and Satan. I imagine they'll chase after the big guns, which means the names Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson will most likely show up sooner rather than later.

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