• Gérard Bach(1927-2006) - Screenwriter who wrote scripts for Jean-Jacques Annaud (including The Bear; In the Name of the Rose; Quest for Fire) and Roman Polanski (including Pirates; Repulsion; Frantic) plus other screenplays including Antonioni's Identification of a Woman. He also directed The House and The Boat on the Grass. His last script, Sa Majeste Minor (His Majesty Minor) is currently in production, being directed by Annaud. He died of cancer on September 9th, in Paris.
  • Norman Brooks(1928-2006) - Actor and Al Jolson impersonator who played the actor in The Best Things in Life Are Free and himself in Ocean's Eleven (the original). He died Thursday, in Montreal.
  • Pat Corley(1930-2006) - Actor (pictured) best known for playing the bartender on the show Murphy Brown; he also appeared in Audrey Rose, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, Coming Home, Night Shift and Against All Odds. He died of congestive heart failure on September 11th, in Los Angeles.
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