Though it will be awhile before George Lucas shovels out his much-anticipated Star Wars-themed live-action TV show, the casting rumors are beginning to heat up. After all, with something like Star Wars, casting is everything. (I'm still not crazy about them bringing on Hayden Christensen to play Anakin, but what are you gonna do? We'll let that one slide for now.)

According to an interview with TV Guide writer Michael Ausiello, Edward Furlong might be in the running for a part. At first, you'd think the dude would be interested in reprising his role as John Connor in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but no -- he's looking to travel to a galaxy far, far away instead. When asked what he has coming down the pipeline, Furlong said, "Some CSI, and then maybe the Star Wars TV series, man." Could Eddie be training as a Jedi? I can't even remember the last time I saw this guy in anything (apparently he's doing a little indie work now), but their casting choices could be worse, right? Heck, he's better than Hayden.

[via Movie Blog]

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