So I'm standing on the subway platform the other day, minding my own, when I just happen to make eye contact with a fellow male human being standing nearby. Suddenly (and for no apparent reason), the dude moves in a bit closer and says, "Yeah, and what's your problem?"

At first, being the sarcastic pain in the ass that I am, I wanted to reply with something along the lines of, "Well, to be honest with you I'm moving in a week, work is pretty hectic, I need to decide which films I'll be seeing at the New York Film Festival and, oh -- for some reason my groin hurts. Perhaps I have a groin pull, then again I thought stuff like that only happened to professional athletes." However, since I wasn't in the mood to rumble, I simply ignored the man, turned around and walked away. Funny, I think he had more problems than me.

As you can imagine, all of the following films feature characters who either have or are about to have some serious problems. Yeah, so what's your problem? Welcome to another edition of Trailer Park: