Before I start this post, I just want you to notice that I avoided using the "X-Clusive" pun in the title. It was tough, trust me, but I managed to dodge the bullet. You're welcome.

Okay, there has been general murmurings of discontent since Fox announced that, while they have indeed put together a fancy two-disc feature set for the DVD release of X-Men 3: The Last Stand, it will not be shared with American audiences until they've had time to bleed some extra cash from us by releasing a crappy single disc feature first, in a classic "double dipping" move. However, you can console yourself, if you so desire, by purchasing your DVD at Wal-Mart, where you will be given an extra bonus DVD with 50 some minutes of exclusive behind the scenes footage. It isn't the fancy special edition you know they'll be selling to you later, but hey, it is a chance to spend twenty bucks on a movie you can spend thirty more bucks on in a few months. Aren't you the lucky one?
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