Writer/director Michael Davis has been toiling in the B-level genre arena for quite some time now (perhaps you're familiar with his 100 Girls or Monster Man), but the kid looks to be moving up in the movie world. His newest feature stars Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci -- and ever since the thing's been in screenplay form, it's been described as "ultra-mega-over the top action mayhem." And after checking out this exclusive promo reel at Latino Review, I'm tempted to put Shoot 'Em Up right next to Smokin' Aces on my "action flicks I gotta see!" list.

The flick's about a noble hero who helps deliver a baby (mid-gunfight) and then spends the next 90-some minutes trying to protect the infant from a ceaseless hail of hot lead. Mr. Giamatti is the villain, which looks like a nifty change of pace for the nice-guy actor. New Line hasn't yet set a release date for Shoot 'Em Up, but I'm guessing it'll hit sometime in February or March.

Check out the promo clip, which might be yanked any minute, at Latino Review.
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