I've been watching this story all day long, waiting for just the right time to report on it. Awhile back, we told you how Johnny Depp was rumored to be starring alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend, based on the novel by Richard Matheson. At the time, folks were thinking Depp would take on the role of head vampire Ben Cortman until, well, we were informed Cortman's character was not in the script.

Then, word spread that Johnny would instead be playing Philip, a fellow survivor who befriends Smith's character. Groovy. Well now, IESB reports there is no Philip character and, not only is Depp not playing him, but he's also not in the film and never was to begin with. Not so groovy. However, after all the Depp nonsense, a few Legend casting tidbits were actually confirmed ... for real. BlackFilm reports that Salli Richardson and Alice Braga have hopped onboard the project. As of this minute (because you never know when things will change), Richardson will play Smith's wife Ginny, while Braga will take on a character named Anna, one of the last human survivors on Earth. As always, we'll inform you of any future updates.

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