Were you disappointed with the choice of primary mutants for the X-Menfilms? Are you dissatisfied by Marvel plots which turn away from the comics you know and love? Did you get angry when Mary Jane got Gwen Stacy's death scene -- and didn't even die? Well friend, have I got a deal for you! For a scant sixty dollars, you can purchase Marvel Ani-Movie, a nifty little gizmo which apparently lets you create your own stop-action short films starring Marvel characters. Presuming you've got the patience to put together a stop action film, Marvel will supply you with a mini-cam, several background scenes, a sound effects generator, and even a few characters in case you don't already own your own Marvel action figures. The little device even comes with an SD port so you can save your films (if you have an SD card, of course) for later. You can also plug in to a nearby TV to share your flicks with the world, or at least with your Marvel action figure friends.

Yes, Marvel is selling you a crappy camera and telling you to make your own movies with it which, really, is something we all did the very first time our parents bought a video camera, right? But now, you've got a tiny little scene stage and fancy sound effects to help you do it. Seriously, God bless any kid (because this thing is actually marketed at children, you know) who has the patience to sit down and create his own stop-action film of any length with his Marvel action figures. Now that is dedication.
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